Single Tumble Dryers

Fewer moving parts. Less maintenance.

Our single pocket tumble dryers are built with a single purpose: performance. They are specifically designed with fewer moving parts, so you’ll face fewer maintenance issues over their lifespan.



Quantum® ControlDual Digital Control




3-Years Limited

Control Options

Quantum® Control

Revolutionary Quantum® technology combines equipment controls, programming and wireless networking into one complete OPL management system, giving you total control over your laundry room from any computer, anywhere in the world. Advanced diagnostics and audit data reports help you catch errors before they become bigger issues. Quantum is designed to help your reduce costs, decrease your downtime and increase your throughput.

Dual Digital Control

With features that include one-touch cycle repeat, automatic extended tumble and large digital countdown display, it’s simple to set your drying time, temperature and cool down on the fly.